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Christ the King School Manna Program
As outlined in Dr. Riordan’s tuition letter, each CK family has an annual fundraising obligation of $500 (pro rated for CK families who have only a preschooler attending less than five full days a week) which will be billed with the first tuition payment of the year. Participation in CK Manna is a way for you to earn your payment back … and then some!

How do I earn money?
A family can earn money by purchasing gift cards through the CK Manna program. Our Manna program purchases each of these gift cards at a discounted rate and then resells them to our families at face value. Each dollar raised through participation in our CK Manna program will be credited to your account. We apply Manna credits in January and July to your tuition account. (Manna purchasers who are not making purchases on behalf of a current CK school family will split their earnings on a 50/50 basis with Christ the King.)

How can I purchase gift cards?
We are pleased to offer several convenient ways for families to participate in the CK Manna program. We encourage CK families to submit orders online:

- By placing an order for cards through the mobile app, RaiseRight,
found in the app store, or at Families wishing to order cards online should contact us via email, [email protected] for more information on online ordering and for the code needed to set up an account.

- By completing an order form, and sending a picture of it to
[email protected]. We will then fill the order through cards in our inventory, or order cards as needed. We will send you a text once the order is complete, and you can pick the order up at the rectory in exchange for a check payable to “CK Manna.”

In addition, families can still drop orders with a check payable to “CK Manna” at the rectory or at the school office. 

We encourage you to participate in CK Manna, and to invite your family members to do the same. Remember, one hundred percent of dollars raised on behalf of your family will directly reduce your tuition payments. If you have any questions about the CK Manna program, please contact us at [email protected].