Hot Lunch


Summer 2021


Dear Christ the King Families,


I would like to take this time to thank you for your continued support for our partnership with Christ the King and your hot lunch program and for the trust you have put in us to feed your children!  This is an endeavor in which we take great pride.  We’re extremely excited to begin our 4th school year serving the Christ the King community.  

With the continuous increase in labor costs and subsequently the increase in food costs, Gilhooley’s is implementing a modest price increase in hot lunch.  We are adjusting the price of hot lunch to $5.50. A carton of milk will remain at $0.75. Decisions like this are not made easily and without doing everything on our end first to ensure there is no other choice.  We consider the impact to everyone involved.  This price increase not only applies to Christ the King, but all our grade schools.  

We will continue to specialize in cooking homemade, from scratch meals.  Freshness and quality will never be sacrificed.  In our kitchen you will always see whole grains, unprocessed meats, and fresh produce.  Once again as the year progresses, we will be updating the menu and offering new choices from our home-style recipes.  We aim to keep the children happier than ever with the selection of meals! 

We are continually striving to improve our service.  We value your suggestions and comments and we are always available and happy to work with you.  Please feel free to call or email.  Thank you for your time.


Jim Terri

Gilhooley’s Grade School Lunch Program