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CK offers a comprehensive music program for preschool to eighth grade students structured in the Orff and Dalcroze methods. General music classes meet once a week for 45 minutes, and optional band and choir programs are offered. Primary students focus on exploration and creation of music through children’s songs and movement. Basic instruments such a body percussion and rhythm sticks pave the way for their years to come in the Orff method. Grades 3-5 perform and improvise music while increasing their skills with written notation and ear training. Students learn the recorder, mallet, and vocal techniques and focus on identifying and codifying music symbols and concepts. Grades 6-8 have units in advanced Orff and Dalcroze methods, class guitar, and a comprehensive music history course that spans the ancient Greeks to the present. In addition to general music classes provided during the school day, extracurriculuar opportunities are available for students to strengthen their music appreciation and skills. These include:

  • Beginning Band is available for students as young as 4th grade and introduces students who are new to a particular band instrument, with the ultimate goal to prepare them for Advanced Band.  No experience is necessary – only the desire to play an instrument! Students perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts.
  • Advanced Band is a continuation of Beginning Band and focuses on continual growth of the techniques of individual and group performances.  Students also participate in the Christmas and Spring Concerts.
  • Private Instrument Lessons (guitar/bass/band instruments) can be scheduled privately outside of the school day with our Music teacher, Mr. Krieglstein [email protected] .
  • Individual Piano Lessons can be scheduled with Mr. Rubi ([email protected]).

Student Choir is available for students in Kindergarten-8th grade.  Practices take place during the school day and performances vary throughout the school year (monthly Sunday mass, some school masses, Open House, Christmas caroling, and more!).