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Chuck Oldham

My educational background:
Vista High School, Vista, CA,   Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL - Sociology
At CK since:
Things I love to do:
I love football (college and the NFL), gaming, a great documentary, self-improvement books, podcasts, finding new restaurants, and cooking!
Something people don't know about me:
I grew up in a Military family and spent time across the world as a child.  I spent my 4th and 5th grade school years in Saudi Arabia at an amazing school abroad.   I also am a part of the select few people on earth who enjoy candy corn as a Halloween treat.
What I love about CK:
I love the inviting, inclusive, and challenging environment that CK has given my kids (CK Class of 2024 and 2026!) and my family.  I love that I have the opportunity to serve as a positive role model in the community where my kids are currently flourishing within.