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Julie Cosme

My educational background:
I graduated from St. Norbert College in 1996 with a BA in education. I began teaching in 1996 as fifth grade teacher in District 143. After several years of teaching, I took a break to begin a family with my husband, Luke Cosme in 2004-2005.
At CK since:
I have called CK home since 2016.
Things I love to do:
My family, Luke, Moira, and Lukey, love to travel, watch movies, sing, cheer on the Chicago White Sox, and play board games.
Something you don’t know about me:
I'm not good at making popcorn on the stove for family movie nights. My popcorn comes out more kernels than popcorn and at times, burnt. I'm not sure what the problem is!
What I love about CK:
I love the excitement of the students, the support of the parents, and the creativity and kindness of all the staff at CK.