Glow Run

Christ The King Elementary School Families! 

Our Christ The King Glow Run kicked off on May 10th, and we are thrilled about this year’s program!

This year, our entire school is raising funds for gym & lunchroom updates and for FSA to be able to support school needs throughout the year. Our goal is to raise $20,000, and, if you’d like to, we are inviting YOU to help!

What is the Glow Run?

·         A school wide two-week fundraising event that starts today!

·         Students will collect pledges from their family, friends, neighbors, community and more through their pages. 

·         Each day students view inspirational videos about the core values our school holds.

·         The Glow Run will be held in the gym during school hours on Spirit Day/May 19th. 

·         The Glow Run is for our students! To celebrate their hard work during the fundraising weeks AND their accomplishments this school year. 

·         Due to limited space in the gym, families are not invited to attend unless already volunteering for spirit day.

Here’s how you can support Christ The King Elementary School:

Fundraising Guide (Front).jpg 1. Register on tonight. It’s so easy!

2. Share about our fundraiser with your family and friends using the SHARE BUTTON on

3. Give a donation, if you are able.

Thank you for supporting our school!. We can’t wait for the Christ The King Glow Run happening on 05/19/2023!