Roy Petitfils Presentation

Please mark your calendar for Monday, January 30th for another wonderful presentation by celebrated  author, speaker and therapist ROY PETITFILS! This is the third time we have invited Roy to visit CK, speaking during the school day to 5th-8th graders and then in the evening to parents. What he talks about is so pertinent, so IMPORTANT, and it really puts us on an intentional path to help our children navigate a world that is challenged by technology. That was all before the pandemic. Separation, closures, isolation…all had an impact on our children, and combined with the entire world at their fingertips – well, it’s a lot for their brains to process.
Roy will talk about the impact all of this has on our children, but the great thing about Roy is that he doesn’t just name the challenges children face today, and he doesn’t just tell us how that will affect them. He also offers plans of actions so we can successfully help our kids (and ourselves) through them. We hope at least one parent from every family will attend. I promise you will not be disappointed! This is an adult-only evening, but not only are parents invited to attend, but grandparents and any other caregivers in your children’s lives. We are also sharing the invitation with our neighboring schools and community – we feel Roy’s message and guidance is that impactful.