CK2050 Update: Finishings & Furnishings

We're thrilled to share our progress on the CK2050 Capital Campaign. Construction is rolling along as we create a new, secure main entrance; connect the main building to the remodeled former convent; and add an elevator for accessibility. In fact, we're ready for one final push to help us finish and furnish our new space! 
Please enjoy these photos documenting the transformation process. We also invite you to help us complete the final phase of our campaign, "Finishings and Furnishings," so that we can equip our two new kindergarten classrooms, school counselor’s office, art room, music studio, and media center. Thank you for your continued support! 
Early February - We Have Walls!
art       storage     music
Art       art      tunnel
January 2020 Sneak Peek...
art        bath       counseling
Stairway        Library         Art
Hallway        Admin         Counseling